For the last time we are up on the top of the De La Warr Pavilion posing and posturing in front of a stormy sea to see how visitors shape up for the task of looking cool, looking good, looking convincing as they balance on their skate/surf boards ! The sun is shining the wind is blowing and we are all set for the ‘shoot’.

HPIM1487 HPIM1488 HPIM1494 HPIM1495 HPIM1498 HPIM1501 HPIM1502 HPIM1503 HPIM1504 HPIM1505 HPIM1506 HPIM1508 HPIM1509 HPIM1510 HPIM1511 HPIM1513 HPIM1514 HPIM1515 HPIM1516 HPIM1517

Got the chance to photograph the skateboarders on Gladwell’s ramps today – they were enjoying the sunshine and shimmying around the ramps in effortless style. Thanks to all those who were eager to have their photo taken and for all the chats about the Shaun Gladwell exhibition, Bexhill, the De La Warr and the location of many many unused skateboards and surfboards -perhaps they will see the light of day again !

Posted by Ryan Coleman on Tuesday 23 April 2013