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Listen to the Echoes
by Rachel Marsh

A Korean creation myth, lost in the depths of time.
This story was not written down or recorded,
because it was deemed unimportant (by men)
It is about a woman, strong and powerful.
Now the truth and light emerges from the past,
and we must listen to the echoes again.

It was a legend told for thousands of years.
Her name is Magohalmi, or Grandmother Mago,
or Jaetu Halmi, to the ones who know her well.
She is a shapeshifter, a giver, a guardian and grandmother.
The mother of all shamans is calling to us,
so we must listen to her echoing spell.

She was creative, diligent and organised,
in her sculpture of mountains, canyons and coves.
From deep inside the darkened skies she danced,
and collected amethysts and violet shards of ice.
She wove her magic with each frozen jewel
that listened to her echoing trance.

Liquid life then poured from her body,
to form rivers, clear lakes and streams.
Witchcraft flowed through her flesh, organs and bones.
Minerals, quartz crystals and rich opals emerged
from inside her and they sparkled, glittered and shone.
We can still listen to her echoes in those stones.

She has not gone, she has always been there
in the moist earth, the deep oceans and air.
Her story and voice will never be silenced again,
and her echoes in each element, like fossils, remain.
They are there in the leaves on each whispering tree,
and when you listen to the echoes of the rain.

She resides in water as an ancient spirit,
and every sea creature knows she is there.
Orcas can speak the same language as her
and when they sing they will mention her name.
Magohalmi, Jaetu, Magohalmi, Jaetu – and they call out,
for us to listen to her echoes once again.


Rachel Marsh is a writer living in Hastings. She studied at London Metropolitan University and her work includes children’s fiction and poetry. She has also worked at DLWP as a gallery assistant for many years and is passionate about the exhibitions and the artists who inspire her. 


Posted by sally on Friday 14 August 2020