We continued with the fascinatingly spooky process of photocopying our faces to make masks. This time we set the machine on black and white images only, which increased the disorienting effect, turning live faces into quasi-spectres that might have emerged from a Victorian seance!

IMG_3767It was notable that the extra distance from reality effected by the monotone print (which also seemed to give a sense of photographing the interior of the face), the more  the participants opened up to personal introspection – which was written and drawn on to their masks. The results were superb:

IMG_3799IMG_3780IMG_3803IMG_3773IMG_3801IMG_3792IMG_3813IMG_3783Many more terrific masks were created than we have space for here. I hope everyone went on to have  fun with them outside the gallery.

Posted by Ryan Coleman on Friday 11 January 2013