Play Circle is the De La Warr Pavilion’s monthly creative and fun  sessions for preschool children, their families and carers.

We are thrilled to tell you that May’s Play Circle has gone online!

Storyteller Kevin Graal has made a short film inspired by artist Marc Bauer’s exhibition in the first floor gallery exploring the theme of people on boats throughout history. Kevin’s film is aimed at a family audience and explores similar themes through song and story. Watch it here on our You Tube Channel:

The film starts with an excerpt from Bauer’s animated film Sea, which brings into vivid focus the restless movement of the waves. You will want to explore how they might capture this movement in their own play activities.

This is followed by  a magical-sounding boat song with simple hand-actions that everybody at home can learn and perform.

Then Kevin tells an exciting traditional story from Ukraine about a child with a boat who has an extraordinary adventure involving … a dragon! But don’t worry … the story has a happy ending! It unfolds with beautiful illustrations full of colour and pattern that will inspire everybody to want to create their own story-pictures.

Finally, there is an easy to follow paper boat-making activity which you can try for yourself and then create your own adventure stories around your newly-made paper boats.

We hope you enjoy it.

Kevin Graal is a highly skilled children’s storyteller and educator with a repertoire of interactive stories, songs and rhymes from around the world. For more information visit his website at


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Posted by sally on Monday 11 May 2020