What a lovely spring Saturday afternoon ! With over a hundred words and phrases gleaned
from Cerith Wyn Evans favourite poems and song lyrics we had plenty to play with. The building was buzzing with lots of people glancing at and toying with our collection words. Although the idea of composing poetry clearly worried some people, the idea that they could use someone else’s words seemed much less scary and much more manageable.
Using the actual words to compose a bit of verse seemed to work best with some people using the window pens to add the odd word that they really needed. Suggestions of forms to follow included limericks and Haiku which some people did have a go at, but mostly they were happy to compose their own bits of free verse and blank verse. Some examples can be found below:

Falling dust
drawn away with
eerie grace. by S.Smith

Brightness around
brightness around sea. by Lana

Everybody out of today
looking for a better tomorrow
to find that the best day
was yesterday. by Issy

Furrow brow agony
pure eyes beam

white withered finger
come in baby

Pampered poodle come alive
a picture frame. by Fernie

Shiny Sparkles
Twinkle in my
It’s Pretty

magic corridors
towards misty blue
liquid garden. by Olivia Kennedy

Magic mirrors reflect
the moon. by Milly

Infinite timeless day
sighing white burning. by Anne

Be up a purple path sky
with little angles fluttering. by Marcie Garwell

Speed pools spray
sweet angle climbs
your upward golden rose

Where to, here in the garden

Magic corridors goin up and
up so scary scaring you
can not believe your eyes. by Molly

October hillows where
wondering sun reborn comes. by MC

Eleven moons and
weeping eyes help heavy
sleep. by SD

Better. by Toby

By the end of the afternoon we had over 40 pieces of poetry in various forms adorning the windows – so well done to all those who took part.

Posted by Ryan Coleman on Monday 16 April 2012