Funny Face is an extremely colourful film, so at this relaxed, enhanced screening, we brought as many colours from the screen into the auditorium.

During the song, “Think Pink”, we waved a length of pink toilet paper, we wore green toilet paper on our heads, while Audrey Hepburn sang “How Long Has This Been Going On”, and we wore blue tissue around our waists and heads, as we sang, “On How To Be Lovely”.

There’s a lot of talk about how they thing Audrey Hepburn’s face is perfectly “funny”, so we made our own faces a little bit funnier too, by wearing a red nose, and making it squeak every time we heard the word “funny”. Some people enjoyed the squeakers so much they squeaked them the whole way through!

The film features a trip to Paris where Fred Astaire photographs Audrey Hepburn in beautiful clothes, in glorious Parisian settings as they fall in love. During the song “Bonjour Paris”, we gave ourselves a workout, holding up a “Bonjour” sign with one hand, and an onion (to represent Paris) in the other.

S’wonderful! S’marvellous! To be spending time, singing, dancing, laughing and having a jolly good afternoon out together with friends old and new!

By Suzy Harvey

Posted by Caspar Jayasekera on Thursday 5 December 2019