Hot Wax
Office of Personal Development
Borough Council

Friday 15 December, 2023
Tickets: £5


Music’s Not Dead and DLWP are immensely proud to be able to present, as part of the MND 5th anniversary in the iconic Pavilion, this incredible, never to be repeated bill of local music.  During the last half decade DLWP and MND have brought many amazing acts to the auditorium, foyer and café.  Flaming Lips, The Pixies, Elvis Costello, Keane and countless others which have helped to establish Bexhill as a major circuit venue.  To celebrate five years of their move to DLWP, record shop Music’s Not Dead have invited four bands, all of which call this small stretch of the south east coast home, to a party in the Pavilion.


HOT WAX first played here (as The Kiffs) at the opening celebrations on the day that MND moved into the building and have made time in their meteoric rise to top the bill with their first headline show on the main DLWP stage.  They wowed us all then with their punky, grungy songs and they just get better and better every time we see them.  The last year has seen them gigging constantly in the UK, Europe and the USA and releasing their first records. This will be a fantastic opportunity to see them performing on a big stage to a home crowd.

AIRCOOLED are a local indie “super group” made up of various members of Elastica, The Wedding Present, Neotropic, Jesus and Mary Chain and Piroshka whose debut album, issued by MND sold out in a snap before going on to a speedy reissue.  They played sold out shows at a series of now legendary parties and had a stint opening for Suede on their Autofiction UK tour.  Expect wigged out, extended machine rock grooves and new material from their imminent second album.

OFFICE OF PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT  have had a similarly busy year with huge audiences at Pride and live sessions on Radio X and plays on BBC 6 Music. Part motivational seminar and part super hooky electro hyper pop, their shows are both eccentric and inspirational and are guaranteed to make you dance and grin. The debut album ‘Doing Is Thinking’ is due out early next year.

BOROUGH COUNCIL are making incredible, hard to define guitar music.  Their “Prescribed” video, shot in St Leonards’ bottle alley went viral and the British indie music biz stampeded.  They are set for a productive year in 24 as are all the bands on the bill. This is almost certainly the last time you’ll see all these acts on the same stage.


Del Querns, owner of Music’s Not Dead says:

“Hard to believe it’s been 5 years since the De La Warr saved Music’s Not Dead and gave us our new home. We’re incredibly proud to have our shop inside the finest building on the south coast and have been very fortunate to have the De La Warr’s support and belief when it comes to the shop and the live music we put on.  Our party is a celebration of 5 years of MND working in and with DLWP and we’re very lucky to be able to showcase all this amazing local musical talent from a small part of the world that is currently punching well above its weight.”

Stewart Drew, Director & CEO of the De La Warr Pavilion says:

“We’re super proud to share DLWP with MND. Del and Ollie bring so much energy, lots of industry contacts, customers and new live music to Bexhill –  it seems like the perfect partnership. Personally speaking, I’ve loved The Wave Pictures, Big Moon, Emily Barker, William the Conqueror, This is the Kit (waking up Bexhill post lockdown), a monumental in-store with Keane, Nikki’s merch selling, and Ollie’s morning pre-opening DJ sets. Most of all Del is a really brilliant person to work with. I’m looking forward to celebrating the 5 year anniversary and here’s to the next 5 years of DLWP x MND.”

Posted by Luke on Tuesday 21 November 2023