All In The Same Storm; Pandemic Patchwork Stories is an exhibition in our First floor gallery of 95 patchwork squares, handstitched by people from the community including those seeking refuge, volunteers and students from a Hastings-based FE college. They tell  diverse stories of life under the shadow of COVID-19 revealing tales of resistance, change, togetherness, isolation , loss and and home. Sewn together, the squares form four large quilts which will be displayed on the gallery walls  – a people’s history of a pandemic.

Momoe Tasker’s story:

“Wash your hands n’ mouth and DON’T BE RACIST!’

Every national and global emergency highlights structural inequalities. Since the first reports of COVID-19, an example of this has been the resurgence of overt racism: from East Asian people being verbally and physically attacked on the streets, to the disproportionate number of BAME (sic) key workers that have died or been affected by the virus. Whispers of ‘them’ and ‘us’ slithered snake-like through insinuations, echoing hissss-toric imperial discourse.

I am a member of In*ter*is*land Collective, a group of creatives with cultural heritage and connections to the Pacific. In our work we recognise and value the differences between our islands, yet also cherish the similarities between them because ultimately we are one people. It is our duty not only to our communities but to all communities to stand in solidarity against racism and speak out. My print represents coming together as a community. The words Aroha in Maori, Aloha in Hawaiian and Alofa in Samoan translate as Love. Printed in ink from lino block onto cotton, then sewn onto pieces of Samoan i’e lavalava with the words cut from felt.”
Momoe Tasker

All In The Same Storm: Pandemic Patchwork Stories, opens in our First floor gallery 0n 23 January – 9 May 2021.  This project is organised by The Refugee Buddy Project, Hastings Rother and Wealden working with Jimena Pardo and Janey Moffat as Stitch for Change, a project to bring people together through storytelling and making. It includes contributions by Lo Recordings.


Posted by sally on Tuesday 29 December 2020