Although it was a rather bleak January afternoon, the DLWP was pretty busy and we had plenty of eager folks ready to dress up and pose as one of Andy Warhol’s many illustrious and glamourous friends and aquaintances for a fabulous photo opportunity.

‘Come up and see me sometime !”

“We are the Girls…”

“People ask me everywhere is that really all your hair ? “

“Close But No Cigar. Sharp suit, big car Who do you think you are ?”

A friend of Guy Gawkes perhaps !

“Dressed up All dandied and dressed up All feathered and pressed up And feeling so fine Dressed up”

“I tried a handlebar design and my Fu-Manchu was real fine.”

“My Ronald Coleman made ’em blink, my Pancho Villa made ’em think.”

“They’re mysterious and spooky and all together ooky.”

“Put the camera on me, I got all this jewellery on me.”

“I spy for the FBI, I got an X-ray camera hidden in your house.”

“We’re a couple of swells, We stop at the best hotels, But we prefer the country far away from the city smells.”

“Cause my hair is curly and my teeth are pearly ….”

Posted by Ryan Coleman on Monday 23 January 2012