It’s National Apprenticeship Week, and to celebrate, we wanted to put a spotlight on just one of the apprentices that is helping to shape the Pavilion.

Join our Talent Accelerator Apprentice, Mehrin, as she shares her exciting week at the Pavilion and beyond. From assisting local artist Alexi Marshall to workshops with young people interested in creative careers, Mehrin has been busy exploring the opportunities in the creative industries.

See what Mehrin has been up to below:

Hi, my name is Mehrin. I graduated last year at Brighton university with a BA Designer Maker Degree. My practice is mainly textiles with themes of Islamic arts and South Asian Influenced textiles. My role at the De La Warr is- Talent Accelerator Apprentice.

On Monday, I went to Bexhill Academy with a local artist named Alexi Marshall. I was her workshop assistant; we had a group of year 10s and they were individually asked to make a set of 7 inspired tarot cards with a title for what they want for their future selves with the aim of creating a drawing that matches with that title. Next, with their drawings the year 10s created lino prints. The lino prints were very successful, and I had a great day assisting as I learned a lot from Alexi, and I definitely want to create more Lino prints in the future.

On Tuesday evening, Kim Byford and Stewart Drew joined other local businesses and organisations at East Sussex College Group’s Employer Networking Event hosted by Vice Principal, Donna Harfield, who gave an update on apprenticeships. It was great to meet other like-minded local business leaders, share experiences and celebrate how much the huge contribution an apprentice can make.

We look forward to getting started with the delivery of our Creative Venue Technician apprenticeship!

On Wednesday, Talent Accelerator ran a workshop for young people interested in careers in the Creative Industries which included ideas of creating a portfolio and CV that makes you stand out from the crowd. We downloaded the ERIC App which is a great way to explore opportunities across the Creative Industries including Apprenticeships.

Also on Wednesday I had a work from home day with a zoom meeting from Arts Work, my apprenticeship provider. We had to complete presentations for this zoom meeting talking about our workplaces history and core values, this was more to help our confidence in presenting and learning to being confident in roles. We also learnt about other business factors, such as – ‘how do business event assistances link to business success’, ‘what does the word culture mean to me and what does creativity mean to me’. We covered many different subjects, and I enjoyed learning about these elements in creativity and business.

After a Thursday morning of writing, myself and Kim went to Bexhill College to talk to a class about a studio that is available for young people at Beeching Road, I then created a survey for the students to complete, the main aim for this survey was to see what the students wanted from this space.

And finally, on Friday, I had some work to complete for Arts work and then myself and Kim were planning a workshop creative section for jobs and industry fair.


If you would like to speak to someone directly about apprenticeships in the creative industries, contact Kim Byford, Project Manager of Talent Accelerator on

Kim will be at the Bexhill Jobs and Apprenticeships Fair at the De La Warr Pavilion on 10 March. Come along and find out what opportunities are available – its free!

Posted by Luke on Friday 10 February 2023