We are seeking an inspiring artist with experience in developing participatory and socially engaged art projects, working collaboratively and enabling the ideas and learning of others.

The artist will work as part of a design group consisting of UCL researchers, a speech and language therapist, DLWP Head of Learning & Participation and four people with aphasia, to

  • Attend 7 planning and review meetings
  • Co-design the creative aspect of the 6 week course
  • Facilitate the creative aspect of the 6 week course (the speech and language therapist will deliver the communication training aspects of the course)
  • Contribute to conversations about how best to capture benefits to participants and evaluate the project.

The 6 week course will be delivered at DLWP, in dialogue with the exhibitions programme, with approximately 10 participants in August-September 2020 and repeat in November-December 2020 with a new cohort.

Project dates: April 2020 – February 2021

Artist Fee and materials: £2,500

Additional budget: £200 for travel expenses (the opportunity is open to artists living in East Sussex and Brighton)

Application deadline: Monday 6 April, 12 noon

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Application Procedure

This opportunity is open to artists living in East Sussex and Brighton. It is funded through University College London’s Knowledge Exchange and Innovation Fund.
Your application should include two elements:

  1. A single PDF containing:
    – 400 word statement outlining why you are applying for this role and your approach to the project
    – One page CV, including two referees
    – 6 images and concise descriptions of two recent and relevant projects
  2. A 2 minute talking head film (.mov or .mp4 file) outlining your approach to the project – this will be viewed by people with aphasia as part of the shortlisting process

Please submit your pdf file (title: your name) and 2 min film (title: your name) via WeTransfer to Ashley.Mccormick@dlwp.com, with the subject line: Art & Aphasia Artist Opportunity.

Deadline: Monday 6 April, 12 noon.

Informal interviews will be held on Thursday 21 April, at the DLWP, with the project commencing soon after. The interview panel will include people with aphasia


The selection of the successful applicant will be based on the following criteria:

  • Quality and clarity of the film and statement outlining their approach
  • Experience of working collaboratively and enabling the ideas and learning of others
  • Match with essential skills and qualities

About Aphasia

Aphasia is a communication disorder that affects a person’s ability to understand speech, speak, read, write and use numbers. It can happen after a stroke or following a brain injury and approximately 900 people a year newly acquire aphasia in the Rother District. People with aphasia continue to live with profound communication difficulties for years; some may improve but there is no cure. While most people receive a short block of aphasia rehabilitation with a speech and language therapist, local services have had their funding halved in the last year and there is limited specialist communication support once people return home, placing them at great risk of social isolation and depression. For personal reflections from people living with aphasia follow these links:

YouTube: The FencePainter
Youtube: What is Aphasia?

Posted by Caspar Jayasekera on Friday 28 February 2020