De La Warr Pavilion and Towner Eastbourne are working together to programme their holiday activities for families. We are collaborating to deliver an artistic programme for four East Sussex artists to develop their socially engaged practice across the current academic year.

Selected artists will be paired together to work as a duo. Each institution will work with two artists on site, and host regular practice development sessions. These two artists will deliver creative workshops at one location over four school holidays; Autumn school holiday, February school holiday, Spring school holiday and May school holiday. Workshops must respond to themes in the exhibitions on display, these will include themes such as environmental concerns, queer and trans intimacies, anti-racist practices and migration. As well as delivering workshops, the four artists will be supported as a cohort with regular practice development sessions at each institution. The research, both theory and practice based, undertaken by each will be shared and contribute to the overall learning.

At the end of the programme the four artists will lead an open workshop for artists reflecting on their experiences, as an evolution of the workshop Acts of Transfer: Sharing Social Practice, held at Towner Eastbourne in May ’22.

Who can apply?

  • Artists based within East Sussex and  easy travelling distance who have experience or interest in socially engaged practice
  • Artists who wish to plan and lead creative workshops to develop and enrich their practice
  • Artists will apply individually with an understanding that they will be delivering workshop activities as a duo

Programme Offer:

  • Artist Fee for each artist which covers cost of planning, preparing and delivering workshops during the specified four school holidays, and the final workshop for artist.
  • Opportunity to work closely with leading cultural institutions over the course of an academic year
  • Group sharing sessions around each holiday delivery to share learning and improve practice
  • Opportunity to collaborate with other artists and make new work together
  • Free use of space, materials and refreshments at each location for sharing and planning sessions
  • Access to exhibition research material and staff expertise

How to Apply?

Please fill out this form 

Deadline for applications: Thursday 06 October 2022 at 5pm

Start date: 17 October 2022

Fee: Planning £140 per full day

Lead artist delivery £250 per full day, £140 ½ day

Support artist delivery £140 per full day

Artists will be expected to deliver 2 to 3 workshops in each academic break

For more information or support with applying for this role please email:

Posted by sally on Tuesday 20 September 2022