Is a census really the best way to find out about who and how we live in the UK?
Are they asking the right questions?
Who is they?
Who feels safe enough to engage with it?

Through research and conversation with people and organisations in the neighbourhood with a focus on our Black and People of Colour communities, multidisciplinary artist, actor, and director Anna-Maria Nabirye invites you to ask: is a census really the best way to capture information about a country’s citizens?

Perhaps there is a way that population surveys can provide a more empathetic way of knowing who we are as individuals and as a community, locating information that can help to break barriers that exist between us and the institutions that serve us.

Nabirye’s approach to these questions began with a series of informal conversations at  a Pop-up Pop-in space at Afri-Co-Lab in St Leonards –  a place to provoke our imaginations and capture a response.

DLWP held an online event on 25 April with multi-disciplinary artist Anna-Maria Nabirye,  Brianna (activist, photographer and founder of The Black Project,  Paris Grande (drag performer, dance teacher and activist) Caf Fean (community engagement specialist), Dawn Dublin (social entrepreneur and founder of Unveiled) and Rosie Cooper, Head of Exhibitions, De La Warr Pavilion . You can see it on our YouTube channel shortly.



Sunday 25 April 2021