Today, De La Warr Pavilion announces in partnership with four other flagship galleries in the South East of England the artists shortlisted for the Platform Graduate Award 2014. They are:

  • Izabela Brudkiewicz, University of Brighton, nominated by De La Warr Pavilion
  • Sophie Dixon, University of Kent , nominated by Turner Contemporary
  • Holger Kilumets, University of Bedfordshire, nominated by MK Gallery
  • Samuel Lloyd, University of Chichester, nominated by Aspex
  • Rachel Minott, University of Reading, nominated by Modern Art Oxford

The Award nominations come from five public galleries in the South East region working together as part of CVAN (The Contemporary Visual Arts Network) South East.

The Platform Graduate Award, now in its third year, showcases and mentors the very best of young and emerging artists in the South East.  Curators and education specialists from  Aspex (Portsmouth), De La Warr Pavilion (Bexhill), Modern Art Oxford; MK Gallery (Milton Keynes) and Turner Contemporary (Margate) have worked  with tutors and course leaders from universities and colleges in their locality to identify students with ambition and talent. These graduates, selected from fine art degree shows across the region, have had the opportunity to work closely with gallery programme teams to deliver an richly diverse summer season of Platform exhibitions at each venue.  From their respective exhibitions, each participating gallery has now nominated one artist to be considered for the Award.

The winner of this year’s Award will be announced at a Special Event on 1 November at Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth, and will receive a 12-month bespoke programme of professional development from the five participating art galleries as well as a £2,500 bursary towards further development of their practice.

The Platform 2014 selection panel will consist of:
Jo Bushnell, Director, Aspex Gallery, Paul Hobson, Director, Modern Art Oxford, Victoria Pomery, Director, Turner Contemporary, Stewart Drew, Director and Chief Executive, De La Warr Pavilion, Juan Cruz, artist and Dean of the School of Fine Art at the Royal College of Art and it will be facilitated by Amanda King, CVAN South East.

Shortlisted Artists

Izabela Brudkiewicz is a graduate of the University of Brighton whos practice involve live, repetetive actions in public spaces that push her to the limits of her physical and mental endurance , exploring concepts of sacrifice, failure and spiritual contemplation. At De La Warr Pavilion the artist pushed a large ball made from layers of blankets, wire, paper and felt on a set route along Bexhill seafront for seven days, eight hours a day. http://izabelabrudkiewicz.tumblr.com/

Sophie Dixon is a BA Fine Art graduate from the University of Kent.
Working with video, Sophie Dixon explores the complex dialogues created between ourselves and our external environment, dialogues which are constantly reshaped as we traverse the fragile spaces of memory to find our own sense of belonging in the present. www.sophie-dixon.com

Holger Kilumets is a BA Photography and Video Art graduate from the University of Bedfordshire.  At MK Gallery he presented ‘Maps & Territories’, an elaborate body of work exploring the meaning of representation through a series of slightly disparate  images, and raising questions about photography’s role as a representational device. www.holgerkilumets.com

Samuel Lloyd is a graduate of the University of Chichester.  His artistic practice involves the playful manipulation and recreation of surfaces on collections of found, often mass produced objects, reappraising the recognisable relationship between their form and function through the addition of his hand-crafted, highly textured, sealant skins. http://www.aspex.org.uk/blog/platform-2014-samuel-lloyd/

Rachael Minott is a graduate of the University of Reading.  Her subject matter dwells on her Jamaican heritage; for her degree show she created a carefully hand-crafted installation of a small regional museum in Jamaica filled with fictional artworks, for which she constructed fictional histories.  Alongside this she presented a conference, using real academics, to discuss various aspects of Jamaican cultural and social history. http://raminott13.wix.com/rachaelminott

Posted by Ryan Coleman on Monday 13 October 2014