Play Circle is the De La Warr Pavilion’s monthly creative and fun sessions for preschool children, their families and carers.

This month, Anne Colvin has created a film that will spark your curiosity and inspire new imaginative and physical explorations in your own creative play.

We start with a box, a box with a precious cargo, a precious cargo that decides to go on its own adventure… Who’s there…? Where are they going…? Will they get there…? Can we go too…? How can we follow them..?

Watch the film, then watch it again and move, and continue your own movement stories together…


Anne Colvin is a Dance Artist and Creative Practitioner who facilitates creative explorations through movement, text and story. She makes playful connections with our every day with a particular focus on relationships with nature.

We hope you enjoy it! And if you do, tell us what you think on Facebook or Twitter @dlwp and tag Anne on @annecolvin3


Bringing artists and families together

Every year, we provide creative learning opportunities for over 2,500 local families and children through fun activities such as Play Circle.

These activities are low or no cost for participants, ensuring anyone in our community can attend. They are led by professional artists such as Anne and our other Play Circle artist Kevin Graal.

We are your Pavilion and have been bringing our community together through culture for 85 years.

Your donation can help us continue to provide inspiring artist-led activities for families online today, and in person in future.

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Posted by sally on Monday 8 June 2020