Play Circle is our monthly creative session for preschool children and their grown-ups.  In July, storyteller Kevin Graal has made another short film to inspire you and your little ones to create your own Play Circle sessions at home. As ever, the emphasis is on being playful together – adults and children alike.

While the cat’s away

A rhyme. A story. A song. Join in. Enjoy. Sing along.

Follow the adventures of 3 little mice who haven’t been let out to play for ages and are starting to feel a bit restless! Join in with a lovely but little-known tickle-rhyme guaranteed to end in giggles as the first mouse runs up the stairs. Enjoy a beautifully illustrated story about another mouse’s narrow escape.  Finally, sing along with a lively rhyming song about a very curious mouse who wants to be your playmate. Then try out some of our suggestions for playful follow-up questions and activities.

Watch the film (10 mins long) here

Kevin Graal is a children’s storyteller and educator with a repertoire of interactive stories, riddles, songs and rhymes from around the world. He works with an impressive range of partners from early years settings, schools and community groups to leading arts and educational organisations in the UK and abroad including Polka Theatre, the British Library, Kew Gardens, Shakespeare’s Globe and … De La Warr Pavilion!



Posted by sally on Tuesday 14 July 2020