Ewa Justka, 2017

An innovative national experimental music network.

OUTLANDS brings together a mix of NPO visual arts and music organisations, independent venues, creative producers, and UK promoters, all from outside London, with the aim of strengthening organisational reach and developing regional audiences.

This network seeks to counter the downward spiral of provision outside the capital for new, engaging and ambitious music productions. In times when economic considerations can compromise the artistic horizons that lie outside the mainstream, how do we ensure that quality and opportunity survives? This project grows out of a motivation to pool resources, to build audiences, and ensure the survival of diverse, high-quality music and the organisations that strive to promote it.

OUTLANDS will become a permanent and vital facet of the UK experimental music scene. Bringing together the shared knowledge of venues, creatives, and promoters in one network, OUTLANDS will create and tour three productions per year to sustain and develop new audiences in eight regions that currently have low levels of engagement and provision. OUTLANDS will use its touring productions and participation programme to reach the diverse audiences and artists engaged in experimental music and its associated fields. The project will establish an infrastructure which will support future tours, creating an important sector development and a sustainable legacy. Through this sustained audience development, OUTLANDS will produce a lasting improvement in the standard, viability, and provision of experimental music in England. The project will enrich the lives of people across the UK, protecting their future access to wider artistic horizons.

Partnership with Arts Council England

In 2015, initiated by ACE South East, a study by the touring consultancy No Nation delivered an executive summary that indicated an economic threat to diverse and ambitious music in the region. Motivated by a shared sentiment to counter this, and guided by ACE South East, the De La Warr Pavilion and MK Gallery brought together a consortium of likeminded producers and promoters with the goal of tackling these issues nationally, through shared capacity, shared expertise and united effort. Our bid has now successfully received funding from the Strategic Touring Fund and touring activities are due to commence in May 2017.

  • The curatorial network will develop & present three new large scale productions per year
  • A full learning, participation and community engagement programme will run alongside each tour
  • A lasting and resilient infrastructure between regional arts partners which offers a long-term platform for artists, and a reliably highly engaging offer for audiences across the UK
  • We will increase the financial viability, excellence of content and standards of presentation for experimental music tours outside the capital