Rachel Marsh, Writer and Gallery Assistant at DLWP, has written three poems in response to Angelo Madsen Minax: A Crisis of Human Contact, which is on show at the Pavilion until 21 May. Read them here:


both the wound and the remedy

exist together side by side

in unique types of chemistry

fetishes, secrets, complexities.

nobody needs to know

what we say

or what we do

(i know you have your secrets too)


from yourself

your life

your pain



when you can love

and learn to be

yourself again

consequence as topography

white silvery lines

others a jagged red

a result, perhaps

of things unsaid.

some scars are displayed,

others hide them well

underneath long sleeves

in hot summer spells.

i guess it depends

on how they were formed,

for pleasure? for pain?

or to cancel out the horrors

that they never want

to think about

or experience




Posted by Luke on Monday 17 April 2023