Enhance your learning before, during or after a visit to De La Warr Pavilion with a range of informative films and glossaries, and creative prompts and guides.

Sharif Persaud: 'Have You Ever Had'

Dismantling Intellectual Ableism in the Arts

Historically, the art world has not recognised or valued the work of neurodivergent artists.

Sonia Boué considers the ways in which Sharif Persaud’s first solo exhibition Have You Ever Had contributes to a dismantling of intellectual ableism.

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Neurodiversity and Collective Approaches to Art Making

Sharif Persaud, Self Portrait, (2018)Watch two online events, considering the ways in which collaboration and collective ways of making art can help develop a more inclusive creative sector for all.


Webapp link

Follow Your Nose is a webapp created by artist Sam Ayre that you can use in our galleries. A random sequence of questions and statements will appear which will prompt you to trust your own feelings rather than  being influenced by other people’s opinions and perspectives.

Open the app, choose something in the exhibitions to look at and respond to as many questions and statements as you like. Follow your nose and see where your instincts take you!

The questions and statements are in English, Spanish, French, Turkish and Arabic.

Open the web app here

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Summer Sewing Circle

The Summer Sewing Circle is pack of colourful materials and step by step guides to creative activities for families to enjoy at home, created by artist Emma Carlow.

You can stitch a swelling sea, embroider power words, make a little felted pocket, and sew a set of juggling sacks.

Share photographs of your creations online by including @dlwp @emmacarlow #summersewingcircle #letscreate in your posts!