Our new exhibition is a collection of work by the artist Richard Grayson.

Richard Grayson’s work is energised by the kind of cultural collisions that make contemporary life exciting. Inspired by the correlation of apparently unconnected cultural artifacts and phenomena, Grayson investigates the importance of language and narrative in how we comprehend the world. Through the use of playful or decorative forms, Grayson is able to engage his audience with complex and difficult ideas. We are encouraged to participate in a critical and perhaps subversive view of humanity that encompasses astrology, religion, politics, the global economy and extra-terrestrial life. As a retrospective of his work fromthe past five years, the exhibition brings together prints, drawings and films by Grayson for the first time.

Throughout the season you can contribute to this blog online or live in the gallery.

The exhibition continues until 14 March 2010.

Posted by Ryan Coleman on Wednesday 13 January 2010