B. Tree and the BSG is a partnership between a local author, and the creative mind behind the Bexhill Sea Garden. Their joint imaginations and shared love and vision for Bexhill has produced an exciting new children’s fantasy, set around the town’s promenade over one magical night.

Their new book, The Sea Elf and the Happi Stone, is aimed at children between the ages of 7-12 years, and is the story of a sea-elf, a lost dog and some forgotten toys as they solve riddles of rainbows, mermaids and secret stones, to bring happiness back to Bexhill.

Gloriously illustrated by local artist Christopher Hoggins, the book is full of images of local landmarks, from the Old Bathing Station to the Sovereign Light Café – and locals and visitors alike may recognise one extremely unique seafront garden! At the very heart of the story is the De La Warr Pavilion, as one of the oldest secrets of the oceans is hidden somewhere within this iconic building. Through joyous adventure, the story aims to show children it is OK to be different or damaged in someway, and to understand their personal best, whatever it is, is always good enough.

B. Tree and the BSG have both lived in Bexhill for many years, and wanted to share the light and the colour and the beauty they see in the town. For them personally, Bexhill, and the DLWP in particular, can be places of great comfort and happiness and belonging. They want their book to encourage others to really see this and to love their home town, to realise it is here for all of us, and that above all, we must look after it.

For them, the DLWP is at the heart of all that is good about Bexhill, and they hope this story will help a new generation to see the joy in the ‘People’s Pavilion’, and an older generation to perhaps see it in a new, and very colourful, light!

B. Tree and the BSG, will be at the DLWP on Saturday, December 8, and copies of the book will be available to buy on the day.

More information is available at www.rainbowsundogs.com.

Posted by Lizzie Benians on Monday 3 December 2018