Rachel Marsh, Writer and Gallery Assistant at DLWP, has written a poem in response to Tschabalala Self: Seated, which is on show at the Pavilion until 29 October.

She Rises With The Sun


She rises with the sun;

her bold colours, her dress.

Painted lips, polished nails.

She is more, not less.

Courageous, beautiful.

Dressed to impress.


I smile, empowered by her.

Seated, she owns her space.

She is proud of her body.

Strength shows in her face.

She is timeless and elegant,

a queenly figure of grace.


She shows me that it is okay

to be different, to be strong.

I do not need to fit in to a box

in which I do not belong.

She does not have to answer

or apologise to anyone.


She casts her own light

and sets her own scene.

Her head is held high.

Defiant, yet serene.

She is not afraid to fail

and does not go unseen.


She rises with the sun

and weathers the storms.

She knows that she is enough

and ignores any scorns.

Like me, she lives and breathes.

She is a woman. All women.

We do not conform.


Posted by Luke on Wednesday 16 August 2023