Artist Nicole Zaaroura will be launching her Site Line residency at the DLWP, commissioned as part of the England’s Creative Coast programme at the DLWP on 3rd July These artist led sessions will respond to Holly Hendry’s ‘Invertebrate’ and ‘Indifferent Deep’, and echoing themes, as they physically weave throughout the DLWP building.

Over 4 consecutive Saturdays, Nicole will be working with her project participants from the refugee, asylum seeker and migrant communities, exploring internal and external spaces, through an embodied approach to photography, using mobile phones, movement, somatic walks, and texts, forming a lab space for experimentation. Nicole will also be keeping a weekly blog that will follow the journey of the residency.

Site Line is a photo project that began in 2019 and is supported by the Syrian Resettlement Project, East Sussex.

Nicole Zaaroura creates site responsive ‘choreographies’ using movement, performance, texts and encounter to explore the physical, emotional and peripheral spaces that we inhabit and resist.  Through an embodied practice, she works within a sensorial approach to body, space and time, investigating, and creating ephemeral, temporal and documented works through performance, video, photography and installation. Using space as a catalyst she explores concepts and questions concerned with the dichotomy of loss, memorial, intimate distances and ephemeral borders.

She has designed and delivered creative lens based projects with the refugee community for the past 15 years. Her site responsive works are created in public, private, architectural and peripheral spaces across Europe, and she has been presented in festivals, residencies, and exhibitions internationally.

To read more and to follow along with the residency as it progresses, check out the artist’s blog here, where she will be posting weekly about the sessions with her own input and imagery.

Posted by Max Mowbray on Monday 5 July 2021