This is our final session here. Extending and elongating the borders of the building, we walk to meet the sea, taking the building memory to the sea with our bodies and our mirrors. Our paths across the lawn and down the glittery white stone stairs.

Our circular mirrors reflect and carve the afternoon light.

The tide is going out and we catch glimpses of this ebbing away through out hand held portals. How they have become part of us.

Our feet get wet as we immerse the mirrors in the salty water.

The salt creates a new film across the glass, and they take on the appearance of underwater moons and flowers…

During this residency, the DLWP became a fantastic creative Lab, allowing us to create portals and membranes to travel through, forming new connections and language as we immersed ourselves in the body of this building and the inhabiting sculptures. Our voices took space through the camera lens of our phones, sound walks, messaging, listening and translations in space. Rich conversations evolved from rooftop to lawn and beyond… new questions surfaced. How does this building breath? How does it shift in time? Where does it believe its borders are? And we ask the same questions of ourselves…


Posted by Max Mowbray on Monday 26 July 2021