DLWP work with Little Gate Farm in Beckley, Kent to host supported apprenticeships.

Supported apprenticeships give young people with learning disabilities and autism the opportunity to train “on the job” in paid apprenticeship placements.  Little Gate Farm  that everyone has the right to train for, find and thrive in paid employment and  work with families and businesses across East Sussex and Kent to make this vision a reality.  Their supported apprenticeships scheme are the result of a grant from the National Lottery.

We employed two supported apprentices: Ben Wilfort, who worked in the Communications department and Adam Templeman who works in the Front Of House team. Watch a short video with them discussing their new roles at DLWP on YouTube.

Ben has now left the De La Warr, having completed his apprenticeship with us. Adam remains in the Front Of House team and is doing a fantastic job.

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