We were fortunate to have a lovely warm, sunny and not too breezy afternoon on the terrace with an assortment of skipping ropes and balancing tricks to complete.

These two gave everything a go and were spectacular at staying on the line whilst making great shadows as they went.

These cousins, after a hesitant start, tried to coordinate their skipping and nearly managed to all be off the ground together !

Walking the line being taken very seriously – it is a long way from one side of the terrace to the other – it should be an olympic sport !

This girl claimed to be rubbish at skipping but in fact was very athletic.

Mum and daughter skipping happily together.

Some children were not enthusiastic about the whole  skipping thing but often their parents were very keen !

The whole family follows the angular path, complete with balancing arm gestures.

After 15-20 minutes concentrated activity this boy improved his balance and co-ordination, developing a high jumping style in the process.

Lots of concentration needed by this girl to stay on track.

 Walking the line is a compulsive activity – these 3 couldn’t resist !

This determined girl kept coming back throughout the afternoon to improve her skipping. By the end of the afternoon about fifty people had tried a bit of skipping or balancing. It was great to see the initial struggle with the ropes followed swiftly by focus and improvement and to watch the pleasure people took in being able to do something fun and loosely athletic !

Posted by Ryan Coleman on Monday 6 August 2012