We’d like to extend our warmest thanks and gratitude to Steve Williams who retired from the De La Warr Charitable Trust in December 2023. Steve took over as Chair in 2008 and was instrumental in bringing stability to the organisation following the 2005 capital refurbishment, and in steering the operating model as we know it today. Crucially, working closely with Julian Bird (our current Chair), he encouraged a strong focus on community engagement, live music, comedy and family productions to complement the visual arts programmes. Following his retirement as chair in 2019, he served his remaining time on the Trust as Vice Chair.

Steve has a unique background in law and philanthropy. He aligned very much with the values of DLWP, bringing his experience the corporate and commercial sector to the cultural, civic and socially minded Charitable Trust.

Steve brought so much energy, extraordinary instinct and passion to the board, he will be very much missed. It was fitting to celebrate with him at a sold out performance of Dr John Cooper Clarke on Saturday night with his wife Sue.

Thank you Steve.


Julian Bird, Chair

Stewart Drew, Director and CEO.

Posted by Luke on Tuesday 12 March 2024