Was it the weather? Was it the Warhols? Just what was it that caused 142 people from 2 – 82 to stop by the Saturday Interaction Trolley today? Rapid self portraits made on acetate film soon began to fill the wall spaces attracting more and more visitors to stop, look and have a go. For three hours the area outside the cafe buzzed with laughter, energy and unselfconscious enthusiasm. People began to queue up to make their simple contributions to this goodwill-infused project. We ran out of acetate! Then we found some more! My plan to stitch all the portraits together soon became unachievable – then Marcia, a DLWP volunteer, came up with a great idea – to collate and ANIMATE all the portraits…genius. I’m really looking forward to the next stage, working with Marcia to photograph all the work and make a film. I wonder how many portraits will be made at my next session?

Posted by Ryan Coleman on Saturday 1 October 2011