The Big Draw was a wonderful family event, a creative opportunity for both children and parents. The theme was looking into the future and how we would see ourselves. Families worked together on large tables where black pens and card was provided. The card had different images printed on top, the outline of a tree, car, city building, people and a house, you could decorate and draw your future visions onto the card templates, the images created where expressive and imaginative. The best part was being able to transform these drawings into 3D and presenting them on the stage.  It was an incredible sight seeing the public then transfer these drawings and ideas onto larger 3D sculptures that stood in the centre of the room. Classical and retro music played as a master piece in the making evolved, these large white sculptures gradually become an inspired story of drawing, communal gathering and imagination.   

Matilda Eldon was a volunteer during our Big Draw event

Posted by Ryan Coleman on Monday 11 November 2013