A bumper day for gallery interaction – over 70 people got involved, musing on the exhibits, or drawing on the terrace, creating a lovely sense of participation rather than mere observation. Some great comments summed up the varying responses:

“All my weirdest dreams together under one roof”.

“”What I love is the narratives between the objects- visual, sensory and audio. The narratives that I construct without the knowledge or history of these objects – the freedom to tell stories…Every school needs one!”.

” All the objects sing together “One Love” by Bob Marley.”

Here are just a few voices of the many objects, as overheard by visitors. Cogito ergo sum:

Wurlizter sideman drum machine. “Most people think I keep the same BPM (beats per minute) all day, but little do they know after dark I steadily increase it, peaking at around 120BPM”.538740983_o

Uterus Vase. Stephanie Rollin and The Plug. “I am the empty vessel in your body. I have been used and now wait to be filled once more. But you stand there and say no! Never again in this lifetime. I say, well you are too old anyway!!”uterus-vase2

Lucy, Australopithecus Afarensis. Marguerite Humeau. ” Hear my ancient voice in the new world. Do we speak the same language?”

Nunhead. Roger Hiorns. “Stand back! Stand back! Move away please. Warning. Stand back or otherwise I will squirt you with blue crystals”.Roger-Hiorns-Nunhead-2004_1

Woofer. Sander Mulder. “Listen but don’t play. Behave while we disobey”.

The Elephant Celebes. Max Ernst. “I am sad. Where’s Mama?”300px-The_Elephant_Celebes

Man coming out of the woman. Robert Gober. “If you’re going to do that, take your shoes off! Don’t you think I’ve got enough problems?”

Animal. David Musgrave. ” See! I didn’t eat the peanuts!”DKH0078C_01.tif

Medieval Hand Reliquary. “Will people ever have faith to pray to me again?”


Meanwhile, the Rhizomic Drawing on the terrace spread a little further:



Sheridan Quigley

10th August





Posted by Ryan Coleman on Friday 16 August 2013