You are the voice of the pavilion

Saturday was our last chance to listen for the voice of the De La Warr – as our participatory project came to an end. Inspired by Andy Warhol’s love affair with the trusty tape-recorder he called ‘his wife’ – visitors took pen and paper around the building with them, to document the sounds of the building – becoming a human tape recorder, for 15 minutes. The echoes, the silences the conversations and the tread of feet provide the backdrop for what they saw and what they heard. Have a last listen to the voice of the pavilion – it’s the voice of every visitor – so it’s your voice too.


steam blowing cutter tapping
distant engines laughter echoing
half conversations shoes shuffling
feet stepping whispers and murmurs
doors opening and doors closing
chairs sliding phones ringing
Bob whistling cafe musicing


Voices are mingled, confused and co-mingled; an oasis of coherent conversation sits around a table on the top floor. Isolated snippets of conversation on genuine and antique ‘cassette tape recorders’ lie and wait for you to slip on headphones, rewind, fast forward, play, eject and stop.

The names of the interviewees mean nothing; once-beautiful, once-intimates of Warhol umm and err as a starstruck interviewer simpers.

Elsewhere, the din and thrum is never ending.

And the last word goes to four year old – Orla.

baby crying
men talking to ladies
cats in my head

Posted by Ryan Coleman on Monday 13 February 2012