Not being sure if all those who were present would find their way to this blog I asked them all if they would like me to put a comment up here for them and these are the words of those who took up this offer.

Alison: “This was a really cool tea.”

Lizzie: “I liked the conversation.”
Danielle: “I like the gallery because it discussed about God and that. I liked the Country and Western music.”
Faye: “I liked having interesting conversations.”
Olive: “The Country and Western music is good and the fact that it’s scripture and it’s not too dominant and it’s relating to the needs of individual children and adults speaking to all nationalities and walks of life. Speaking to people as people. It’s applicable. In Ecclesiastes it says because the philosopher was wise he chose words that are applicable to the hearers.”
Elizabeth: “I was thrilled with the exhibition because it clearly proclaimed words of scripture which I feel are being sadly phased out of Britain. And I loved the barn atmosphere and the bales of straw. I give the whole thing 10 out of 10.”
Alex: “Great use of digital media, great songs and lovely pencil drawings.”
Posted by Ryan Coleman on Friday 12 February 2010