The latest tourism figures show that tourism means even bigger business for 1066 Country.

Kevin Boorman, manager of 1066 Country Marketing, the private/public sector partnership responsible for tourism marketing in the area, explained :- ‘Tourism South East have just published our results for 2018. These show that the total value of tourism activity in 1066 Country in 2018 is estimated to have been around £664.7m, up by some 7% compared to 2017. This income supported an estimated 15185 actual jobs, an increase of 7.2% compared to 2017.

“These are incredibly good figures against a backdrop of declining numbers of tourism trips nationally, and show just how important our work is.”

Stewart Drew, the chair of 1066 Country Marketing added :- “These are excellent results for us. I am especially heartened because we have adopted a new ten year strategy, and relaunched our new website just last week. This should help to sustain the positive trend, boosting the economy of 1066 Country and create even more jobs.

“I am very grateful for the many tourism businesses who support us in our work, and, of course, our local councils. In particular, the support of Rother District Council and Hastings Borough Council is invaluable, and I am really delighted that their investment has produced such fantastic results.”

Posted by Cassandre Gouillaud on Monday 21 October 2019