Another busy afternoon with hoards of excited and enthusiastic people eager to try on the lurid feather boa and do a bit of superstar pouting.

“Roll up Roll up !”
‘I love dressing up – this is great, it’s just like my bedroom !”

“Bring me my pipe, Watson !’

‘Hows about that then ?’

It all got very busy mid afternoon when the table was surrounded by the young and the old – parents persuading reluctant children to try on a hat or a wig and then, the very same parents whilst declining to join in, when my back was turned, got all dolled up and the children raised their young eyebrows as they were dragged into the photo booth.

Lily the pink the pink the pink

2 moustaches are always better than one !

“You know I’m bad, I’m bad…’

“We gonna make you a star”

“That’s why I stay blinging !”

They’re creepy and they’re kooky,
mysterious and spooky,
The Addams Family

‘Good-bye, good goody girl
I’m changing and how’

“You know my methods, apply them.”

There is something liberating about putting on a disguise and ‘disappearing’ and those who have had a go, have taken the selection and application of props quite seriously – it has been a really good way to get people talking about what Warhol was interested in and how he is still relevent.

Posted by Ryan Coleman on Tuesday 29 November 2011