It’s Kids In Museums Takeover Day and we are flooding our social media channels with work that children and young people have created, inspired by our current exhibitions  Zadie Xa Children of Magohalmi and the Echoes of Creation and Marc Bauer  Mal Être/ Performance.

Look out for:
Masks, experiments with dyeing techniques and drawings of marine life by Chantry Community Primary School, Bexhill, Year 5 & Year 6 students.
A film made by Bexhill College Media Students documenting the making of wearable sculptures by Level 3 Art & Design students
A work by Ren, one of our Young Creatives.

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We also  asked the Year 5 and 6 students from Chantry Community Primary School to write a postcard to Zadie Xa. Read below the messages they sent to her and the questions they asked (in their own words!), inspired by what they saw.

“Dear Zadie, : I saw your work and I really liked it. When I was there, I saw your masks and your clothing. I made paper masks and they were inspired by you. How did you think of making masks and the film? What was the hardest thing to make?”

“Dear Zadie, I saw your exhibition at the De La Warr pavillion . When I was there I was making a mask just like you – and I was inspired by your masks. The materials I have been using to make my mask were: cardboard and a bit of crystals as decoration. I really like the colours you had on your painting. How long do you spend at your art work?”

“Dear Zadie, We did a workshop on your lovely art and I dig those orca vibes.”

“To Zadie. When I saw your art I was amazed at it. It looked very detailed and specific. I made a mask too! I felt scared at first but now I feel amazed. How long did the mask take you? What materials did you use to make it?”

“Hi Zadie, The other day I saw your wonderful masks! You inspired us to make masks! They look great”

“Dear Zadie, We love your art so much. How did you learn?”

“To Zadie, I have seen your artwork at the delawar  I love it we made our own masks and it was very fun hope your  ok how old were you when you started art?”

“Dear Zadi Your paintings are 11/10 luv your stuff. Bye! P.S I have know  idea how you do it!”

“Dear Saidie, your work looks beutifull  your work inspirs  me thank you. ”

“To Zadie, me and my classmates looked at some of your art at the De La Warr and we loved it! We also learnt some facts about your and your art! My question for you is when did your love for whales start?”

“Dear Zadie, I have seen your artwork with all the dresses and masks. I know you love whales and beaches because you are probably very natureous  and I’ve got 3 questions to ask you. Where did you learn to become a  amazing artist? How old were you when you started liking whales? And then are you having a great time in London?”

“Dear Zadie me and my classmates visited the Della War and we loved your work. Where do you get the hair from?”

“Dear Zadie. I saw your exhibition at the de la war. When I was there I saw a cool gigantic whale and masks I tryed  to make one but It was terrible. Why and when did you start the film?”

“To Zadie, I love your work! As soon as I saw your work I thought WOW! The big whale teddy was my favourit  art pice because she was super cute”

“Dear Zadie, I saw your exhibition at the De La Warr Pavilion. When I was there I saw a lot of lovely masks. I made a mask whith  card, ribbon and plastic gems that are sticky and tape to asemble  it and alastick  for the back. How many masks have you made?”

“Dear Zadie, I went to see your exhibition with my class. I was amazed at the fact that you made everything them on your own! I liked the video you made, it was very unsettling, but in a good way. As you probably know we made paper masks inspred by yours. I made mine sea themed too!”


Thank you Chantry Community Primary School for all your contributions!

Image credit: Lisa Cunningham

Posted by sally on Friday 20 November 2020