On Thursday 3 November we launched our new website. Incorporating improvements to navigation and content. It’s easier to use and takes advantage of the latest technology. But it’s not perfect. Yet.

The site is in ‘Beta’ stage, which means we are live testing it, making sure it works well and fixing any bugs. But we need your feedback too! Tell us what you think of the changes we’ve made so far.

All your details have been moved to the new system. However, as this is a new system you will need to create a new password the first time you wish to make a purchase

You will need to set a password

Please follow these steps:

Step one:

Go to www.dlwp.com

Click ‘MY ACCOUNT’ top right


Step two:

The MY ACCOUNT screen will open.

Rather than enter your email address click on Forgotten your password? Reset here’


Step three:

Please enter and confirm the email address which we have contacted you by.



Step four:

Go to your email account and follow the ‘please click here to change password’ link.

If you don’t receive the email within a few minutes, please check if it has been sent to your junk folder.


Step five:

This link will prompt you to create and confirm a new password.


Step six:

Once you have changed your password your account screen will be displayed.

From here you can change your details and how you want to hear from us.


If you have any queries about creating an account please get in touch. Call Box Office on 01424 229 111

If you have any feedback with regard to the new website click here

Posted by Laura Sayers on Friday 4 November 2016