Earlier this year, 15 year old Liliana from St Richards School sent us a very impressive application asking for work experience at DLWP – and we were happy to accept her. We didn’t know until halfway through the week that she is the daughter of Bart, a member of our amazing kitchen team! The Pavilion is all about people and we love that this family is part of our team. Liliana had a great time here and her perspective was really useful to us.

Read all about her work experience in this blog she created, detailing her week at the Pavilion:

I am Liliana Kuprowska, a Year 10 at St. Richard’s Catholic College partaking in my work experience at the De La Warr Pavilion from the 20th – 24th of June. I undertake Art, Craft and Design as my creative GCSE pathway and that alone has drawn me closer to the amazing artistic experiences of the De La Warr. I have always adored the De La Warr and must have been to multiple events held here. I have been to see The Pixies; an Amy Winehouse cover all orchestrated by Bexhill College students. Not too long ago, I also came to see Warpaint and Low Hum which were incredible. Another great event was the Big Sing where I got to watch my little brother perform on stage and even some of my classmates.

There were multiple factors that drew me towards carrying out my work experience at the De La Warr , one of the biggest factors it  being located on the beautiful Southeast coast. The beach has always been like a second home to me. The Pavilion is more than just a building to me, it is a place of amazing architecture and passion. Art and beauty. Over the years, living in Bexhill, I have many multiple amazing memories here which will stay with me forever.

Today is my first day of work experience and I hope to update this blog every day. So far, I have been given an amazing tour and have been shown all the exciting backstage bits and even gave my input in an office meeting. Luke, the DLWP Marketing Assistant, showed me how to design the electronic posters, then download them on the so called ‘sticks’, (USBs), plug them into the multiple TVs around the building and then test if they are working. Currently, I am working on helping promote the Pavilion via researching different hashtags that could increase their publicity.

It is currently 10.11am on a Tuesday, I have just settled down, logged in, checked my emails, and replied to them etc…. I am very happy because it turns out that the research I did on hashtags came of great help! I wonder what I will be doing today!
I am back at 12:18pm, so far today I have gone with João and have looked at the architectural display which is extremely inspiring. We also took a look at the art display upstairs and João explained more to me about what their responsibilities are as an Assistant Curator. Currently, I am watching talks given at the DLWP about art and am noting down which 30 second clips they should post on social media. I must admit, Bassam Al Sabah’s is not like anything I had seen before, I love it! Truly amazing!

Liliana pictured with her dad, Bart.

On Wednesday I was able to be very creative and I made a bunch of very cool and colourful labels for the art stock inventory. It was a very calm atmosphere, and I even made a label for the straws box, out of straws! Later, I got to work behind the till in the Box Office. I have never in my life used a till before, but I learnt how to and then I served a bunch of customers all by myself! I learnt how to add discounts and pay contactless.

It is currently Thursday and all morning I have been filming a vlog for the De La Warr to put on their social media which is very exciting I must say. I have been going all around the building revisiting the places where I worked. I also had some lovely conversations with the gallery’s invigilators and all about the different exhibitions. Next, I am going to be painting a banner for the DLWP Learning Space with the help of Miguel, Learning and Participation Assistant (Young People and Schools).

I am back from painting the banner and I have to say it is coming along quite nicely. I have been using the DLWP summer colours for the letters. I am going to come in early tomorrow and finish off my banner.

It’s Friday! My last day of Work Experience. I came in early to finish off my banner and I have not finished it yet, but I am getting there. Today I am excited because I am working with the Front of House. Front of House oversees all the technical bits for the gigs/shows/events. So far today, I have been stapling booklets for all the staff members for the Jah Shaka events tomorrow. It is just a booklet with safety information, etc… After this I went with Heather, a Front of House member and we folded the DLWP staff t-shirts. Best part is, I even got to take one! After I finish writing this blog, I will go help the Front of House team a little more and then go finish my banner.

And that is work experience all done! Thank you so much everyone for giving me this truly amazing opportunity! Thank you, Dee, for coordinating this all. I have learnt so much this week about the world of work, while having fun and being very creative and taking leadership. I can tell this is just the beginning to a very artistic life.

Liliana also put together an exciting vlog that showcases some of the things she got up to:


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Posted by Luke on Thursday 30 June 2022