Our Young Creatives spent the hottest day of the year so far in London having a look around some of the UK’s most prestigious cultural spaces. Here are their thoughts on Tate Modern and Whitechapel…

It has been a bit hot but I have really enjoyed it and it has been so much fun. It gets me out of the house and I get to be in London. We visited the Olafur Eliasson exhibition at the Tate Modern gallery which was great. My favourite part was the fog room which has really stuck with me from the day, and also walking round the East End which I haven’t seen before. I have been inspired by the Arabic art made from packaging in the Michael Rakowitz exhibition at the Whitechapel gallery. It was my first time visiting the Whitechapel gallery, and we met with some Young People who are part of the Duchamp and Sons Youth group. It was great to see how the young people get inspired by what they have access to.

I liked the mixture of all the activities that we did and you get a taster of lots of different things. I liked the exhibition at the Tate and meeting the Young People at Whitechapel Gallery and learning what they do. I was inspired by the other groups approach to how they create and develop projects and its inspiration from history and context around them and the world. It’s given me inspiration to shape projects and ideas with the young creatives around the current climate, how the world is now and the present issues surrounding young people. Going to London and meeting other young people interested in similar things has broadened our ideas. It was great to visit somewhere more multi-cultural than Bexhill. We would like more cultural trips and we can’t afford to go to places like this so it was a great opportunity going with the young creatives.

I liked the Tate  exhibition especially the moss wall. It has given me ideas to do projects which are multi-media so that anyone can access the projects with their different strengths and interests but still approaching the same theme or issue. At the end of the exhibition there was an expanded studio with a board of articles, images, questions and news clippings of interests and ideas that Olafur Eliasson’s work is inspired by. I thought this would be a great idea for the young creatives to have of their own, starting with the postcards we got from the exhibition, kind of like a mood board of all our ideas or issues relating to the world we live in today.

Posted by Caspar Jayasekera on Thursday 1 August 2019