I was delighted to be able to co-deliver zine making workshops in schools in Hastings and Bexhill with the De La Warr Pavilion. Our aim for the workshop was to introduce the exhibition and the ideas behind it and get students making. The workshops were responding to the Still I Rise exhibition and examined values. They were for Key Stage 2 – 4 students.

To begin with, the exhibition was introduced and some photos were shown. Grace Clements introduced an activity to match values to their definitions and this helped to familiarise the students with some of the concepts we were asking them to think about, and they responded very well to this.

After a quick presentation and discussion on values, I demonstrated how to make a type of zine and talked a bit about the role zines have and how you can use them to share your beliefs. We asked students to consider different values as they relate to them and consider what they mean and how they can show them through illustration or collage. They had to think of one value to use in their zines and then follow a structure:

  1. Cover
  2. Definition of value (What does it mean to you?)
  3. Draw that value in action
  4. Define the opposite of the value
  5. Draw the opposite of the value
  6. Portrait of person who reflects that value
  7. PLEDGE: ex. I vow to be courageous / I promise to be generous & WHY
    Signature…………….. Date……………
  8. (Back cover) Contents

Some excellent zines were made and it was amazing to see how different the students interpretations were. I think the workshops were all successful and at the end of it most students wanted to carry on with making their zines! I also really enjoyed co-delivering the zines and being able to see all the incredible outcomes. It was a rewarding experience.

Posted by Caspar Jayasekera on Friday 28 June 2019